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Alpina Panoma - Allround Helmet

A classic and discreet bike helmet for everyday and weekend use. For young and old, for anywhere and anytime.

  • Inmold Tec: IN-MOLD TECHNOLOGY describes a process which foams an inner shell beneath the outer shell of a helmet under extreme
    pressure and high temperature. The result is a total bond and an extremely stable helmet structure with a very low weight. With IN-MOLD helmets, protection against mechanical forces, e.g., such as those generated by a fall onto a sharp or pointed object, is signifi cantly greater than with helmets constructed using point bonding.
  • HI-EPS: HI-EPS stands for „High Expanded Polystyrene“. The inner shells of all IN-MOLD helmets are made of HI-EPS. It absorbs the forces resulting from an impact to provide the wearer with the greatest possible degree of protection. HI-EPS is a material with particularly small pores. It consists of innumerable, microscopic air pockets. It is these air pockets which provide the protective effect. In addition, HI-EPS is not water (read sweat) absorbent.
  • Ceramic Shell CERAMIC is the designation of the exterior shell of all ALPINA helmets manufactured using the IN-MOLD process. This thin and lightweight CERAMIC material is extremely break- and scratchresistant and also UV-stable and antistatic.
  • Shield Protect: The removable slide-in visor protects the face both from splashing mud and from solar radiation.
  • Run System Classic
  • C-Fit System
  • Ergomatic: All ALPINA helmets are equipped with the ergonomically-shaped ERGOMATIC strap closure. The anti-twist, multistage automatic catch can be used single-handed and it cannot open in case of a fall. ERGOMATIC guarantees optimal safety for any requirement: easy to loosen when cycling uphill and quick to tighten downhill.
  • Fly Net: The vent openings prevent heat from building up inside the helmet and provide pleasant cooling. To protect the wearer‘s head from insects, the openings in the front are equipped with the special FLY NET mesh covering.
  • Vents: 23
  • Weight: 255g

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